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Growing up with the melodic-melancholic rock sounds of bands like Foreigner and Survivor, THOMAS ZYGANN was a guitarist, singer and songwriter in the 90s and co-founded the band MASON. Energetic, powerful sounds are still his passion today and are characteristic of the typical ZYGANN sound. His unmistakably soft voice reflects the artist's sensitive approach to his songs.


In the meantime, the solo project has turned into a band with Thomas Zygann (lead vocals, guitar), Uwe Spinler (bass, back vocals) and Sascha Ossmann (drums, back vocals). The band is very happy to present their first project together:

ON MY WAY HOME – to be released in November 2022

Thomas Zygann


# lead vocals, guitar

final_zygann_comp.1.7flat_colorefex2.0_dunkler 2_edited.jpg


# drums, vocals

final_zygann_comp.1.7flat_colorefex2.0_dunkler 2_edited.jpg


# bass, vocals

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